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Nature, Culture, and Tradition

Sights in the Ahrntal Valley

The holiday regions of the Ahrntal Valley and Sand in Taufers offer many interesting places to discover.

Medieval Jewel

Taufers Castle

The special character of the former residential Dynastic of Taufers annually attracts more than 70,000 visitors into its spell. Children delight in the "armory to attack." Art lovers will enjoy the Pacher frescoes and romantics the storybook castle. With special exhibitions and cultural events, as well as a castle bar in the castle courtyard, the castle invites you to linger.

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Enchanting exhibition

Nativity museum

Experience a spectacular journey through the mystical world of the Nativity. The trail leads from the popular Tyrolean crib via the ancient oriental birth group through to the modern representation in modern art.

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Pure air underground

Prettau Mine and Climatic Gallery

Breathe in clean, allergen- and pollen-free air, do your body and your airways good... why not think of yourself from time to time? In the abandoned mine galleries formed under specific conditions exists a microclimate that does wonders for people with respiratory problems. The climatic gallery is located ~ 1100 metres inside the mountain and should be a place of calm, relaxation, and recovery.

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Pure relaxation


Sauna visitors can sweat in six different saunas, which are made from Swiss stone pine, fir, and birch wood, among others. You can also take a steam bath or relax in the warmth of the room. Especially beloved are the infusions by the sauna master. After the sauna session, we recommend taking a dip in the swimming area separated from the outdoor pool.

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Nature's power

Reinbach Waterfalls

A breathtaking natural spectacle unfolds in the Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Park. Along the Francis Path, near the picturesque village of Sand in Taufers, one can admire the majestic waterfalls.

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Insight into the world of minerals

Mineral museum

Be enchanted by the intense radiation of the various Alpine crystals. From a decades-long passion for seeking and collecting minerals, the most important museum of the eastern Alps was created.

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Idyllic retreat

Church of the Holy Spirit

The Chapel of the Holy Spirit is located in the back of Ahrntal, against a large rock. In the winter, cross-country ski trails lead out past here, and in the summer, the little church becomes an idyllic destination for families.

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History and rural tradition

Folklore Museum

The Folklore Museum at Dietenheim in Bruneck was established in 1976. Sitz is an old, very grand and magnificent courtyard, one of four Maier courtyards in Dietenheim, a village, which was officially documented for the first time in 995, and whose name is evidence of the first settlement of Bavarians in Pustertal.

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Puster Valley city on the Rienz


The scenic village of Brunico is located in the center of the Puster Valley. Modern and medieval charm creates a very special kind of harmony. The historical "Stadtgasse" invites you to linger about with its numerous restaurants, cafes, and boutiques. Enjoy a weekly (Wednesday) market with lots of local products.

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